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Mega Troops

Mega Units

Last updated: 2024-05-28

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  • Created: 2024-05-28

Information in this page may be outdated if the game changed after the last page update.

Get lucky, and find mighty forms of Characters from Chests in battle. MEGA Units are special variants of Characters, sporting a fresh new look and a cool special ability! Check out all the MEGA Units you’ve collected and their unique abilities in the Squad menu under the MEGAS tab. You may also see them in Shop offers!

Megas are consumable items in Squad Busters. If you have some in your inventory, you might receive them from chests during battles. This page will focus on the stats and abilities of these powerful troops, but other related pages are:

  • Mega Chances: detailed breakdown of what affects your chances to receive Megas during battles.

  • Megas vs Other Troops: comparison of Mega troops with normal troops and fusions.

Troop Index

Basic Stats

This is a simple comparison of all the Mega troops:

Mega El Primo11,000237
Mega Shelly9,000714
Mega Chicken8,500273
Mega Witch7,000540

Mega Chicken, aka Dragon Chicken

IPHay Day
RangeMelee (1,800)
Health8,500 HP
Hit Time0.550 s
Hit Speed1.82 hits/s
Damage150 HP
DPS273 HP/s

Drops some Golden Turbo Boots

You can find more details about Turbo Boots in the Spells page, but basically, these boots will give your troops 80% more speed and a slight attack speed for 20 seconds each.

Mega El Primo, aka El Tigre

IPBrawl Stars
RangeMelee (1,800)
Health11,000 HP
Hit Time0.950 s
Hit Speed1.05 hits/s
Damage225 HP
DPS237 HP/s

Bust 3 foes to do a Flying Elbow Pounce

The Flying Elbow Pounce does 400 HP of Damage, and can reach as far as 5 tiles away. The damage is dealt in a circle with radius of 1.7 tiles.

Mega Shelly, aka Magical Shelly

IPBrawl Stars
RangeRanged (4,000)
Health9,000 HP
Hit Time0.700 s
Hit Speed1.43 hits/s
Damage500 HP
DPS714 HP/s

Bust 3 foes to fire a Magic Blast

The Magic Blast has the same range as the normal attack, but projectiles reach as far as 7.5 tiles. Additionally, it shoots 15 projectiles instead of just 5.

The damage dealt by this super attack is 630 HP, 26% more than a normal shot. The stun (1s) and pushback (150) is the same that normal Shelly has.

Mega Witch, aka Kitsune Witch

RangeRanged (4,000)
Health7,000 HP
Hit Time0.750 s
Hit Speed1.33 hits/s
Damage405 HP
DPS540 HP/s

Summons 9 Elite Skeletons repeatedly

Mega Witch shoots 3 slightly angled projectiles that deal 135 damage each, 405 in total.

Her spawn ability is triggered every 9 seconds, spawning 9 Elite Skeletons with the following stats:

Normal SkeletonElite Skeleton
Lifetime30 s30 s
Hit Speed0.770.77

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