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Archer Queen

Archer Queen

She is fast, deadly and hard to catch. Beware of her crossbow bolts and try not to blink - you might miss her!

Last updated: 2024-06-09

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  • Created: 2024-06-09

Information in this page may be outdated if the game changed after the last page update.

Basic Stats

NameArcher Queen
WorldGreen World (W1)
RangeRanged (4,500)
Health1,300 HP
Hit Time0.9* s
Hit Speed1.11 hits/s
Damage177 HP
DPS197 HP/s

Archer Queen can only be unlocked by linking your account with Supercell ID.

Her base Hit Time is in theory 1.15 seconds, but her permanent ability causes the minimum Hit Speed to be faster already as a Baby.

Each attack shoots 3 arrows. These arrows deal the most damage as a Baby: 59 HP. When Archer Queen is upgraded to Classic, the damage per arrow is reduced to 52 HP (-12%), and this reduction is kept for the following evolutions as well.

Fusion Stats

Ranged units attack even faster


Archer Queen's ability is dependent on the amount of Archer Queens in your squad, causing unusual and variable DPS multipliers when compared to other Fusions. See the Baby ability to understand the details.


⭐🌑🌑🌑 Baby

Your ranged units attack faster

This ability increases the attack speed of all the ranged allies in your squad range; this not only includes the queen herself, but also ranged buildings like Cannon or X-Bow. Your squad range is the circle that you see on-screen around your squad.

The Hit Speed boost is dependent on several factors, but mainly the amount of Archer Queens in your squad; having more will mean a bigger boost, up to 9 Archer Queens (3 Fusions).

The mechanics of this ability are fairly complex, which causes the speed boost to affect each troop differently based on their Hit Speed. Generally, slower Hit Speed troops get a bigger boost.

Let's first look at average changes in Hit Speed (HS) for all troops. It's useful to look at Hit Speed (instead of Hit Time) because it directly correlates with Damage Per Second (DPS).

Archer QueensDPS Boost
9 or more+123%

The main increases can be seen when you collect 3 and 6 Archer Queens, which is when Fusions are triggered.

The following table shows how each amount of Archer Queens affects all the ranged troops. It can be a bit dense, so we have included a Score out of 10 that shows how strong the DPS boost is relative to other troops. For example, a 10/10 is a perfect match to pair with Archer Queen, but a 5/10 means it's only getting half of the boost that this perfect match has.

Mega Shelly1.47.8+17%+27%+56%+56%+75%+75%+100%+100%+100%
Mega Witch1.38.4+25%+36%+50%+67%+67%+88%+88%+88%+114%
Archer Queen0.99.2+28%+35%+53%+64%+77%+92%+109%+109%+130%
Girl with Tank0.59.9+28%+37%+64%+71%+78%+105%+116%+116%+141%

The maximum Hit Speed boost happens when you combine Tank Girl with 3 Fusion Archer Queens, which gives +141% DPS.

In general, these boost changes between troops aren't too significant. It's interesting to know if you are looking for the optimal combo, but it's unlikely to play a big role in most interactions.

Another interesting detail is that these boosts are applied to ranged troops, not ranged attacks. This difference is relevant for troops like Mavis, who picks up carrots faster.

⭐⭐🌑🌑 Classic

Occasionally fires exploding arrows

Super Attack: Explosive Arrows

Every 10 seconds, Archer Queen loads explosive arrows to be shot in her next attack.

Explosive Arrows deal 25% more damage: 222 HP for normal Archer Queen, and 462 for the Fusion.

These explosions deal damage in a small area with 0.9 tiles of radius, and 1.1 tiles for the Fusion. Both have a pushback strength of 50.

Classic Archer Queen has a hidden nerf to her normal arrows, causing her to deal 12% less DPS than Baby arrows.

If we take the Super Attack and this reduction into account, the overall evolution is better in some situations, and worse in others. The initial engagement in a fight will give the advantage to Classic AQ because the bonus damage is preloaded; as the fight drags on, the DPS reduction will end up giving a worse performance.

⭐⭐⭐🌑 Super

Recovers health steadily when not attacking

Every 3 seconds, Archer Queen recovers some of her HP. Each heal gives 90 HP for normal, and 225 HP for the Fusion.

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Ultra

Gives an X-Bow Spell

X-Bow shoots 3 arrows every single time. These arrows are slightly angled, so when individual enemies are far away only one arrow will usually reach the target.

Here's a comparison of X-Bow with Cannon:

X-Bow (1 hit)X-Bow (all hit)Cannon
Hit Time1.151.151.15

It's about double the DPS of Cannon, but with a smaller range.

Keep in mind that Archer Queen can also boost these buildings if they are in your squad range, giving an extra +28% DPS due to increased Hit Speed.

Chart Comparison

Archer Queen Multipliers

Archer Queen starts quite high in the DPS chart by herself, but she really stands out once you have more than 1 Fusion.

By the time you have 3 Fusions (equivalent to 9 Archer Queens), the DPS of each of them is on par with the deadliest Megas.

More troops soon!

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