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Squad Busters Maps

Last updated: 2024-04-23

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Information in this page may be outdated if the game changed after the last page update.

Squad Busters has 5 different worlds, and each of them has 3 different maps.

On top of those, the Green World maps have variants to allow for more complex mechanics. Examples of these are carrots for Mavis and tool spawns for Bea and Tank. This means that in total, there are 18 main maps to play in.

World Maps

Green World

Desert World

Royal World

Beach World

Ice World

Green World Endgame

Tile Types

The tiles highlighted in each of the maps are:


Although there are many different sceneries, at their core, they can be categorised in:

Special tiles

  • Chests: can be bought to increase your squad

  • Trees: can be looted by Greg or some spells

  • Boxes: a reliable way to get Turbo Boots

  • Tools: either hives for Bea or tanks for Tank Girl

Kinds of terrain

  • Water or Mountains: terrain that can't be reached

  • Grass: smooth terrain

  • Low Grass: behaves the same as normal grass, but is used to label the main paths of the map, usually to guide players towards chests

  • Tall Grass: a kind of grass that slows you down and can hide rewards

  • Sand: a kind of terrain that slows you down

  • Carrots: can be looted by Mavis or some spells

  • Permanent Bridge: behaves like normal grass

  • Weak Bridge: breaks down after being used

  • Spikes: periodically pop out and can damage players

  • Ice: slippery tiles

Other items

Other features such as enemies, special loot, spells... aren't completely predefined.

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