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Last updated: 2024-06-07

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  • Created: 2024-06-07

Information in this page may be outdated if the game changed after the last page update.

Chests are one of the main ways with which you can unlock and evolve characters for your squad.

There are currently 27 characters in Squad Busters, of which:

  • 3 are given as starters (Barbarian, Greg and El Primo)
  • 1 is unlocked after logging in with Supercell ID (Archer Queen)
  • 10 are guaranteed to be unlocked through the Squad Journey
  • 13 remain to be found in chests

Types of chests

Based on where you obtain chests, there are 3 different kinds:

  • Defined Chests: earned in the Squad Journey, Gem Pass and available in the shop. These chests have both a fixed rarity and fixed amount of taps.
  • Reward Chests: earned after battles when you spend chest tickets. The rarity of these chests is decided by your chest cycle, and the amount of taps is based on your win streak and performance in the last battle.
  • Plaza Chests: a small chest that can be found in the homepage and opened every 23 hours.

Chest Contents and Character Unlocks

Chests don't always give you Baby characters, although that is the most likely outcome. Other special options are:

New Character1%*

Having more or less chest taps doesn't affect these probabilities; you aren't more likely to unlock new troops from small chests.

All of these special rewards are still bounded by the rarity of the chest. E.g.: you can't unlock an Epic character from a Common Chest.

Classic and Super evolutions simply mean that you get 1 unit that isn't a Baby, so basically, 10 and 100 Babies respectively. The drawback is that you don't get the Portal Energy from evolving the Babies.

Each individual chest has at least a 1% chance of unlocking a new character if you still have missing characters of that rarity.

In practice, the probability is higher due to the bad luck limiter. If you open 100 chests without unlocking a new character, you'll be guaranteed to get one in the next chest.

This system would give around 15 new characters for every 1,000 chests opened, but that wouldn't be very representative of reality due to the chest cycle and how rarities affect character unlocks. For example, none of the characters that can be unlocked in chests are Common.

If we take the chest cycle and character rarities available into account, modelling suggests that most players unlock all the Rare characters by opening between 800 and 1,000 chests. Epic unlocks will usually be completed with another 200 chests.

On average, players need to open around 1,140 chests to unlock all the characters.

Unlock Progression

These charts show a probability distribution of characters unlocked based on the amount of chests opened. The first row starts at 0 chests, and each row represents the progress with 200 additional chests (0, 200, 400, 600...). Reaching the last row (1,400 chests), shows that you are guaranteed to have unlocked all characters by then, even if a majority of players will do that earlier, at 1,140 chests.