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UPDATE: Ice World and Skins!

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This Saturday, Squad Busters announced a new update with this video. This video gives a summary of the new troops and content that will be released over the following weeks.

Over the following days, we'll share with you a deeper dive into the new world and everything it brings (mods, troops...). Today, we'll focus on the changes that you'll see as soon as the update is released this Monday, June 17th.

At the end of this blog, you'll also find a quick recap of the update video with:

Balance Changes

[Buff] Barbarian

Barbarian has more Health, to help him better show off his swordplay.

Hit Points: +14% (1,400 ➜ 1,600 HP)

The health of the Elite Barbarian isn't changing and will remain at 1,400 HP. When a Barbarian transforms, he will heal and reduce his max HP.

[Buff] Bea

Bees now last longer, and Super Bea bees stay with her the entire Battle.

The lifetime of each bee will be:

Old TimeNew Time
Baby1 minute1.5 minutes
Classic1 minute1.5 minutes
Super2 minutes4 minutes
Ultra2 minutes4 minutes

Note that battles can last up to 4 minutes, so that's why the new lifetime is the entire battle.

[Buff] Penny

Penny finds much more loot from hidden treasures, ensuring her riches are worthwhile.

The possible loot sets from Penny will contain more loot on average:

Old GemsNew Gems
Old CoinsNew Coins

In summary, you can expect 2 more Coins and Gems in each treasure; 4 more if you have Ultra Penny.

[Buff] Dynamike

Dynamike has improved damage to keep up with healthier opponents.

The Hit Speed of Dynamike isn't changing, but bigger explosions will give higher Damage per Second (DPS):

Old DPSNew DPSChange

Spell Balance

  • Furnace Spells and Shrink Spells are now more likely to be found in Battle.

    This seems like a very slight change, but for spells that were so rare it means you'll see them +45% more often.

    SpellOld ChanceNew Chance
    The Log10.3%10.0%
  • [Buff] Freeze spell now has more effective slowdown, even when Turboing. The result is that affected targets are almost immobilised. Additionally, the Freeze now does 30 damage during the 3-second duration (10 DPS).

Monster Balance

  • [Nerf] Chest Menace has 16% less Health, making its stash of loot easier to bust open (25,000 ➜ 21,000 HP).

  • Bosses from certain Battle Mods now drop more Hammers.

  • More Monsters! The amount of Monsters that spawn over the map will increase as minutes pass.

Mod Adjustments

Get more piñata sticks!

While Piñata Festivals are active, Piñata Party will have Giant Piñatas and Loot Surge will have surges of Piñata Sticks.

Spell Overload

Big Monsters and Bosses have increased chance to drop Spells.

Gem Overload

Fire Spirits from the Furnace will no longer drop extra Gems. This could be used by enemy squads to earn more gems, so that's mainly why it's being removed.


Some character spawns were too strong in this game mode, so after you transform your characters the drops will be capped at 3 units.

Gem Grab

Gem Rings are worth much more: 100 Gems!

Special Events

Ice World Sneak Peek

Play in Ice World and catch Ice Spirits to earn special rewards and a chance to unlock the new Ice World characters.

Ice World

Bounty Hunt

Help Colt with his Monster hunting tasks and earn rewards.

Bounty Hunt

Grow Your Squad! Unlock Bandit

In July, you'll be able to unlock Bandit through an event by collecting Gem Pouches.

Unlock Bandit

Other changes and fixes

Earn Portal Energy from battles

The amount of Portal Energy earned per battle depends on your placement in the following way:

PlacementPortal Energy
5th - 8th10
9th - 10th5

Portal Energy

Rare and Epic Chests

Chests that you open during battles will have fewer chances of giving Common characters. These are the detailed probabilities:

Common Chests:

Slot 185% C, 13% R, 3% E85% C, 13% R, 3% E
Slot 285% C, 13% R, 3% E85% C, 13% R, 3% E
Slot 385% C, 13% R, 3% E85% C, 13% R, 3% E

Rare Chests:

Slot 163% C, 30% R, 8% E38% C, 55% R, 8% E
Slot 263% C, 30% R, 8% E38% C, 55% R, 8% E
Slot 30% C, 100% R, 0% E0% C, 100% R, 0% E

Epic Chests:

Slot 133% C, 33% R, 33% E23% C, 40% R, 37% E
Slot 233% C, 33% R, 33% E23% C, 40% R, 37% E
Slot 30% C, 0% R, 100% E0% C, 0% R, 100% E

As you can see from these comparisons, the 3rd slot will still be a guaranteed rarity, but the odds of the 1st and 2nd slot are changing significantly.

Buying Chest Tickets

Buying a bundle of 3 ticket used to be more efficient than buying tickets one by one.

This update is standardising the cost of each ticket to 2,000 coins, and the new options to buy them will be one by one and bundles of 5 (for 10,000 gold).

With this change, players can now avoid freezing the chest timer by never reaching 3 or more chests tickets. We presume the 5-ticket bundle simply exists for convenience, as it doesn't provide better value.


Target Indicators

When your squad gets bigger, and you are surrounded by targets, it can be difficult for players to identify which target is closer to the center of the squad area.

After the update, a yellow outline will highlight your selected target:

Target Indicator

Faster Roster Refresh

In Squad League, every player has the same roster of troops available during battles. This roster used to refresh every 30 minutes, but not will every 12 minutes (5 times per hour).

Fixed Blocked Tool Spawns

When a character is defeated, the tombstone stays in the map for the whole battle. This was blocking troop tools like Tank from spawning.

Fixed Wizard Spell Swaps

The second spell slot enabled by the Wizard could cause spells to be thrown accidentally.

Megas and Keys

No big changes yet, but Supercell has acknowledged the community's feedback and will announce news in the future.

The main change coming with this update is that using a Fusion Key will disable the Battle Bag for the rest of the battle. You will still be able to use Chest Reroll tokens, the restriction simply is applied to the Battle Bag button.

Megas are also changing slightly, as now having less squads remaining in the room will make Megas more likely; previously it was the opposite.

Spawn Loot

Loot dropped by characters when joining the Squad is now harder to steal by opponents.

Maxed Accounts

Maxing all the characters of a specific rarity was causing issues with chests. After the update, Reward Chests will convert maxed out characters into Portal Energy or XP, instead of being skipped.

Max is Maxed

Spectating Stability

The experience of watching your friends or the remaining players of a room should now be more stable.

Character Skins

Beta versions of the game had already showed some character skins, but they had been removed for this global release. Now they are back! These are the first 6:

  • Ninja Goblin
  • Origami Barbarian King
  • Tour Guide Mavis
  • Kimono Witch
  • Street Magic Wizard
  • Black Belt Chicken (in July)

Character skins can usually be obtained in the shop for around 5 USD each, depending on your store location. Some will also be available through the Premium Gem Pass or special events.

Skins overwrite the way your troops look, regardless of the evolution. This means that you won't be able to distinguish if a character is a Baby or an Ultra when they have an active skin.

You can see your skin collection and select them in the Squad tab:

Skins Tab

New Decorations

We still don't have any news about new buildings or mechanics to enhance your plaza, but this update brings even more cosmetics to customise it. As soon as the update drops, you can buy:

  • Stone Cauldron
  • Witch's Cauldron
  • Cozy Campfire
  • Flower Chest
  • Ice Cream Cart
  • Chicken Nest
  • Cubic Tree
  • Plant Bucket
  • Greg's Favorite Stump
  • Water Barrels
  • Surf's Up Snowpal
  • Bull Skull

Even more decorations themed for the Ice World will be released afterwards.

New Characters

  • Ice Wizard: throws ice balls and gives a Super Freeze Spell.
  • Dr. T: spawns a Mega Crab after you collect enough Coins
  • Jessie: ranged damage and spawns a Turret.
  • Bandit: gives you gems when you choose it or bust Monsters.

New Mods

  • Super Ice Spirits: adds Giant Ice Spirits jumping around the Map.
  • Golem Meteors: sends lots of Golems falling from the sky that are covered in Gems.
  • 1-Coin Chests: makes Chests cost only one Coin.
  • Gem Hot Pot: spawns pots of Gems which spill huge amounts of Gems for the first Squad to grab them.

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