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Ultra Abilities

Last updated: 2024-06-06

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  • Updated: 2024-06-06
  • Created: 2024-05-22

Information in this page may be outdated if the game changed after the last page update.

Ultra abilities are unlocked with the 4th evolution, which need a total of 1,000 babies. Each troop evolved to Ultra gives 300 additional Portal Energy.

Unlocking these Ultra evolutions will be quite challenging, given that you can't set preferences for your favourite troops. Unless you are ready to spend a lot of gold in the shop, you'll have to open a lot of chests and evenly grow your entire troop collection.

Troop Index

Archer Queen

Gives an X-Bow Spell

X-Bow shoots 3 arrows every single time. These arrows are slightly angled, so when individual enemies are far away only one arrow will usually reach the target.

Here's a comparison of X-Bow with Cannon:

X-Bow (1 hit)X-Bow (all hit)Cannon
Hit Time1.151.151.15

It's about double the DPS of Cannon, but with a smaller range.

Keep in mind that Archer Queen can also boost these buildings if they are in your squad range, giving an extra +28% DPS due to increased Hit Speed.


Gets Enraged after busting a foe

During the 7 seconds after busting an enemy, Barbarian gets around 35% more Hit Speed. It doesn't affect other troops of your squad.

BarbarianElite Barbarian
Hit Time0.900.75
Raged HT0.650.55
Hit Speed1.111.33
Raged HS1.54 (+38%)1.81 (+36%)

Barbarian King

Gives a Super Rage Spell

Similar to the normal Rage spell, Super Rage makes troops deal more damage while maintaining the Hit Speed.

Normal RageSuper Rage
Duration10 s15 s

Super Rage lasts longer and gives a bigger damage boost.

Battle Healer

Heals much more after opening a Chest


The amount of HP healed almost doubles.


Bees circle much faster

Lifetime60 s120 s120 s

With 38% more speed, Ultra bees seem quite dangerous.


Mine deals much more damage to Monsters

Normal Mine Damage300500
Fusion Mine Damage6001,000

Mines deal 66% more damage.


Spawns Hatchlings much faster while using Turbo

Spawn Time10 s2 s

Spawns load 5x faster with Turbo.


Bullet Storm charges when attacking Monsters

Probably one of the best Ultra abilities, causing the Bullet Storm to activate after any 4 targets are hit, instead of 4 busts. It even counts hitting several targets within the same attack as separate hits, so you can potentially activate the Bullet Storm in less than 4 attacks.

For example, if you have 2 Skeletons in front, and manage to hit both in 2 separate attacks, your 3rd shot will already be the Bullet Storm.


Tosses more powerful dynamite

Damage / Explosion75575775
Total Damage75114114150

With 25% more DPS, Dynamike combines the best parts of all his previous abilities: big damage, 2 sticks and big radius.

El Primo

Heals a lot after Flying Elbow Drop

Heals 60% after his super attack.


Increases Coins given to 10


The total coins for a fusion increase very slightly:

  • Super Fusion: 3x7 + 15 = 36 coins
  • Ultra Fusion: 3x10 + 10 = 40 coins

This basically means you'll get more coins up-front, which can help your squad progression a lot.


Trees drop a Heart

Both the normal and Fusion drop a single heart.


Heals more when shooting faster

Heal Per Second (HPS) increases by 85%.

Normal HPS2953
Fusion HPS71133

Hog Rider

Turbo increases movement speed even more

Turbo Speed increases by "27". Hard to say if this refers to 27% or something else, more testing is needed to know.

Additionally, it seems this value can increase up to 80 based on the amount of Hog Riders in your squad.


Get more bonus loot from Carrot patches

The rewards for single carrots doesn't change, but loot when you complete a patch increases significantly.

Avg. Coins00.71.84
Avg. Gems00.30.74

This means that, on average, you'll get around 7 coins and 3 gems when completing a patch of 4 carrots.

Since when does Mavis give gems?

See the Balance Changes section for more details.


Speed Boost lasts much longer

Duration18 s18 s18 s30 s
Extended / Kill0 s2.6 s3.6 s6 s

The Ultra ability increases both the base duration of the Speed Boost and the recharge per busted enemy.


Throws Heal Packs much faster

Medic has 2 different heal effects: passive heal and Heal Packs. Passive heal targets all the troops of your squad, and Heal Packs. Heal Packs heal much more, but are only given to one troop, the one with the least proportional HP.

Passive heal doesn't change for the Ultra evolution, but Heal Packs are dropped much faster.

Heal / Pack105105105
Pack Time0.75 s0.75 s0.45 s

This means that Heal Packs have 66% more Heal Per Second (HPS).


Busted foes also spawn Bats

Now you can get 2 bats for each busted NPC: one straight away, and another when the revived NPC dies.


Resummons her Bear twice as fast

The Classic ability resummons Bruce (the bear) after 40 seconds after it's busted. The Ultra ability reduces that time to just 20 seconds.


Heal Station has more powerful healing

Heal Per Second (HPS) increases by 28%, and the final wave heals 25% more.

Hit Time0.5 s0.5 s0.5 s0.35 s
Final Heal08008001,000
Fusion Heal315315315286
Fusion HPS630630630817
Fusion Final Heal02,0002,0002,500


Treasure has much more loot

Avg. Coins8.98.98.910.9
Avg. Gems7.
Avg. Keys0.
Avg. Hearts0.

You get around 25% more Coins and Gems, so 2 more of each on average.

Royale King

Deploys Elite Royal Recruits

Royal RecruitElite Recruit
Lifetime45 s60 s
Hit Speed1.111.33

Elite Recruits have 48% more DPS and 33% more HP than Royal Recruits.


Shoots bigger Super Shells

Super Shells double in damage, from 200 to 400. The amount of projectiles also increases, from 15 to 25.

Fusion Super Shell deals 775 damage.

Tank Girl

Tanks repair during Overdrive

When in Overdrive, Tank heals 200 HP every 1.5 seconds (133 HPS). As a Fusion, she heals 500 HP instead (333 HPS). This is one of the best troops in the game, and this healing ability makes her even more versatile and well-rounded.


Heals much more when giving Gems

Normal Heal0200200350
Fusion Heal0500500875

Heals your squad 75% more after collecting 15 coins.


Skeletons get stronger bones and a sharp dagger

Normal SkeletonElite Skeleton
Lifetime30 s30 s
Hit Speed0.770.77

Elite Skeletons have double the DPS, and 56% more HP, which is still not much.


Bosses always drop a Spell

This applies to Bosses and Big Monsters